Stahley State House 2012

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         I am not a politician, but my name will appear on the ballot in November for the 37th PA State House District. I believe that we the people must take back our government. The PA State Legislature has become nothing more than a career path for political wannabees who seem to care nothing for our local communities and citizens. We have witnessed midnight salary raises, deceptive pension legislation, phoney redistricting, indictments and criminal convictions of our legislators.

         The primary cause of the problem is that our system of State Government provides a lucrative career path for overpaid officials. It attracts the wrong type of candidates who become dependent upon their positions and therefore react by repeatedly putting their job survival and advancement above the interests of the tax payers and the communities of Pennsylvania.

         When comparing the duties, commitments and responsibilities of the state legislators, it is difficult to find positions in the private sector which provide as much pay and benefits. Few State Governments offer so much pay for the size of the districts being represented.

         We should be choosing representatives who seek PUBLIC SERVICE - NOT SELF SERVICE. This problem could not be more critical than during the present economic difficulty. Our State legislators are reducing support for the education of our children, the security of our communities, law enforcement and public projects, while not reducing their own tax payer provided salaries, health care and benefits. An example in our own 37th district is the 200 acres of mud where there was once a lake. It is time for us to vote for those who will represent our people and communities.

         I hope there are enough voters in the 37th district who will avoid falling for the same old political cliches and labels and vote instead to send a citizen legislator to Harrisburg. A vote for Russ is a vote 4 us.

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Methodist Minister, 1961 - 1998

Lebanon Valley College
United Theological Seminary
University of Nebraska

History, Traveling, Economics,
Current Events and the Law

Lancaster County State
Republican officials have been
the party of SELF-SERVICE
(perks and pensions)
rather than PUBLIC SERVICE

We need to Change That
Russell U. Stahley
527 Rambler Road Manheim, PA 17545
Phone: (717) 665-1543