The purpose of this web site is to assist committee persons, district leaders, volunteers and candidates by providing the data, information and tools necessary for them to be effective in their respective position.

Some of the information is available for display and/or downloading from the site, however some information is variable and not directly available on line and is therefore described. Resource information for the data is provided herein.

The precinct is the fundamental geographic tool used to define various regions involved in elections and voter registration. A municipality is divided into voting precincts. School districts are made up of specific precincts. Local public officials represent the people of defined precincts. Congressional, State Senate and State Representative districts are all defined by their included precincts.

Constitutions and Legislative bodies determine the boundaries of political districts and the County government (with advice and council of Party Leaders) is entrusted to define the boundaries of precincts within the Municipalities of Lancaster County.

Maps of the precincts within each Municipality are available from the Court House. A fee of $10 per map is required. This web site links to a form for ordering precinct maps on the County Govt. web site. A example of the precinct maps is also provided for the precincts of Mount Joy Township.

The details of registered voters in each precinct are provided by the Court House Voter Registration Office. The data is published in documents called Street Lists which are updated and issued twice a year with latest registration information. Each registered Voter is listed by street address. Each precinct Street List is assigned a serial Number. Street Lists are provided free of charge by the County Registration Office to Committee persons and Candidates. They may also be available thru The county Democratic party office and/or district leaders. Links for contact information for the County Voter Registration Office and the Democratic Headquarters are also provided on this web site.

This web site includes a database which searches by various political districts (School District, Municipality, Senate District, etc.)

The data base will display the street list number, precinct name and the various subdistricts that are included in the selected district. The applicable polling place for each precinct is also listed along with a Google map which shows the polling place location.

In addition to the Online Database, a downloadable data file for the whole county is available. The format for download is MS Excel or tab delimited data file. With the downloaded datafile any user may search, sort and/or modify the data for their local use.

Also available for download are a County map showing the municipalities and marked up county maps showing the School Districts, State Senate Districts and State Representative Districts contained within Lancaster County.
These maps are available for direct viewing using Adobe Acrobat or in basic jpg graphic format. And will produce legible copies on most PC printers. There is also a link to download a free copy of the Adobe software if not on the users computer.

With the the supplied maps and the Database and the applicable street lists all the information needed to work a District can be procured.

In addition some instructions and hints for committee persons are available for download and a copy of the Democratic Committee County ByLaws describes the authority, accountability, responsibility and duties of the County officials of the Party.