Float Illumination
Presently used by Manheim Central Committee float.
Will be dontated to LCDC.

The float is illuminated by led flood lights mounted on a modified rooftop luggage carrier on top of the towing vehicle.
The rooftop carrier has attachments with rubber feet and roofside clips or can be fastened to any preinstalled luggage rack.
Power is supplied by the tow vehicle via extension cord to cigarette lighter or clamp-on connectors to the vehicle battery.

The rooftop carrier is also equipped with a frame for mounting 3' x 2' banners.
The frame can be folded down for highway driving or storage.
Smaller led flood lights illuminate both front facing and rear facing banners.

12v dc decorative red white and blue rope lights and string lights can be added to the float decorations. These will be powered via the lighting system of the trailer by modifying the trailer wiring to include plug in sockets.
Manheim Central has several strings which also will be donated to LCDC.